El portal Latin Times Pulse retoma la convocatoria de Jorge Castañeda para sumarse a la campaña (#ImProudToBeMexican) contra los comentarios racistas de Donald Trump.

With the 2016 elections right around the corner, Latinos want America to know that Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants coming into the United States are not necessarily true. Even the Vice President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, has called Trump’s rhetoric, “damaging and incredibly inaccurate.” It is important to specify that we are not saying illegal immigration is right, but calling us names and hating on an entire culture is not great either.

Former Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Jorge Castañeda, wants the GOP front-runner and everyone else in America to know that he is “proud to be Mexican” and no, he “is not a rapist” nor does he “have problems” as Mr. Trump said during his presidential candidacy speech. Watch Castañeda’s viral video below and find out what a Latino can do, if given the opportunity.

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